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Simon Jeruchim


Born, raised and educated in Paris, France. Graduated from "L'Ecole des Arts Appliques" School of Applied Arts, in Paris. Attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City.


Specialist in cosmetics and fragrance packaging design. Corporate design director and design firm owner. Member of the Packaging Design Council. National award-winning packaging design for the "Elizabeth Taylor's Passion" fragrance line. Book Jacket design and book illustrator. Guest lecturer at Rockland Community College on art careers.

Art Exhibits

One-man exhibit in Rockland County, New York: Pearl River Library, Pomona Cultural Center, Rockland JCC, Rockland County Legislature, Valley Cottage library, Suffern Library, Haverstraw King's Daughters Library, Rockland Community College, Finkelstein Memorial Library, Upper Saddle River Library, New Jersey Coast Guard Academy, New London, Connecticut, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington, D.C.

Permanent Art Collections


Simon Jeruchim is the author of Hidden in France, a memoir about his life as a "Hidden Child" during the Holocaust. His second memoir titled Frenchy, chronicles his coming of age as a new immigrant, and his epic journey as an American GI assigned to a combat unit on the front lines of Korea.

Simon Jeruchim and his wife, Cecile, who teaches aerobics at the Rockland Jewish Community Campus, reside in Pomona, New York. They are the proud parents of two daughters: Aviva and Linda, and of six grandchildren: Talia, Danny, Adam, Will, Sam and Bryce. Simon and Cecile, also a survivor of the Holocaust from Belgium, have spoken extensively about their wartime experiences in the United States and Canada.

Simon Jeruchim's books are available at For autographed copies, with free color prints of the author's wartime drawings or Korean War, email Simon Jeruchim at:

Simon in his studio in Pomona, New York
Cecile & Simon in Pomona

            "Art has been my lifelong faithful companion, giving me joy and hope, especially during the dark days of my youth under the Nazi occupation of France and in combat, during the Korean War. As a young boy, growing up in Paris, I was always fascinated by the colorful, imaginative and humorous posters displayed in the Paris Metro, which I had hoped to emulate one day. It never took place but, in turn, those wonderful posters inspired me to create bold, colorful and imaginative graphics. I have no particular allegiance to any specific style and I follow my creative muse wherever it leads me. I enjoy most mediums which I use as my impulses dictate and I seek variety in my work. Above all I always derive happiness in my life through the wonderful prisme of art."